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Making the Pandemic a Little Easier for Kids and Parents

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has created instability and uncertainty, affecting just about every industry and person in the US and across the world. Parents and children are hit particularly hard, due to most governments requiring distance learning as kids are starting up the 2020-2021 school year. Kids, and their parents, need a solution to help them deal with these challenging times.

Classicle is a digital community that is transforming the way we approach distance learning and childcare. The Classicle platform connects families, educators, and childcare providers. The platform helps like-minded families pod up, and also find teachers, babysitters, tutoring, and other childcare options.

Creating a Unique Digital Experience

Suits & Sandals was engaged to design and develop the Classicle platform, finding the most intuitive and engaging ways for both families and childcare providers to onboard onto the platform and begin connecting with other users.

The app includes unique features like a self-reported “Risk Tolerance Rating” and “COVID Exposure Assessment” to allow users to gauge how other users compare to their own views on the pandemic. From there, users can connect via common interests between families, and look for providers in a range of childcare services.

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