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Branding & Experience Design for Kids Apps

Seekadoo is a mobile search engine and browser for kids with privacy features like a proxy network, ad blocking, and cookie blocking. Unlike most other search engines for kids, Seekadoo's search listings are a parent-approved closed system, so there's no chance that a kid can accidentally stumble upon a website outside of their white list. We worked with the Seekadoo team to develop the Seekadoo branding, including character design for their mascot and other characters used in their marketing materials.

We designed the app UX and UI, as well as the app's website. This included interactive elements on both the app and website such as in-app games and badges, customizable themes, and animated backgrounds. We also created an animated explainer video that highlights the value and features of the app to parents, while visually appealing to the kids that would ultimately be using the service.

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