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Enabling Global Change in Clean Energy Access

VeraSol is a revolutionary service for supporting the growing global market for modern off-grid solar appliances through quality assurance testing, certification, and product data sharing. The program is managed by CLASP, an nonprofit organization with expertise in appliance energy performance, and funded by organizations like the IKEA Foundation, the World Bank, and UK Aid.

Over the course of less than 9 months, we designed and implemented both the VeraSol brand website and its enterprise-level application. This includes mapping a UX strategy for audience groups ranging from appliance manufacturers and investors to humanitarian aid organizations, to help educate website visitors on the benefits of both VeraSol and quality assurance as a whole.

The VeraSol Product Database

The VeraSol product database is an end-to-end application that includes a custom administrative portal for adding and editing product testing data, as well as a publicly accessible web database that allows users to search, filter, and compare product data right from the web, as well as download reports. The database is populated with testing data submitted by independent appliance testing labs through the admin portal. This data is used by manufacturers, distributors, investors, and governmental policymakers to research, innovate, and regulate off-grid solar products like TVs, Fans, Refrigerators, Solar Water Pumps, and Solar Lighting Kits.

Communication Through Experience Design

The website features multiple interactive data visualizations and a robust navigation system with both direct and actionable lead funnels and storytelling moments throughout the site. It’s built on top of the user-friend Craft content management system, which has also been directly integrated into the VeraSol product database to allow for navigating back and forth between the website and the app seamlessly. In addition, the CMS has been set up for multiple language configurations, allowing for expanding the website to include naturally translated Chinese versions of all pages–and can be expanded to support further languages in the future


Massive leaps in digital transformation for quality assurance of off-grid appliances have been enabled through the launch of VeraSol. The platform greatly improves the quality and value of products in the off-grid solar market, making sure that people in developing countries have access to life changing technologies that many people in the developed world take for granted.

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