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Omnibuild is a New York-based mid-size construction management firm, specializing in new construction of both commercial and residential highrise buildings in New York City. We were chosen to help rebrand Omnibuild with the goal of grounding the brand in a commitment to excellent craft as well as building personal relationships and a teamwork mentality.

We built the foundation of the brand around a logo that conveys strength, dependability, and a love for New York CIty—via the use of Gotham, a typeface derived from WPA-era NYC municipal signage. We then focused on making the brand stand out via the use of photography. By foregoing the typical use of sterile office shots in favor of energetic, team-centric photography, we showcased Omnibuild’s team in a way that is unconventional for their industry. Similarly, we used dynamic, in-process shots of featured projects—as opposed to finished work—to show that Omnibuild is confident in their work, and that a building can be beautiful even before it is complete.

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