Top 30 UX Design Agencies List Names Suits & Sandals

From Nick Dank, CEO of Suits & Sandals

On June 9th, Agency Spotter released their list of Top 30 User Experience Design Agencies of 2020. Suits & Sandals is excited and honored to be amongst the winners of this award.

As an agency that focuses on branding and communications, we believe that great UX design is an incredibly important component of any brand. In fact, we view UX design as an extension of the brand itself, and an integral part of how ay audience experiences and builds affinity for a brand. The right user experience enables a human-centered approach to communication through technology and ensures that the audience is able to find what they need quickly and delightfully. We believe this philosophy is what makes it possible for us to design and build digital experiences that connect people and solve business challenges in better ways.

We have applied this approach not just to building new experiences, but also to auditing and helping our clients incrementally improve existing UX design. We believe there's always room for improvement, especially when it comes to making deeper connections with real people. For that, we recommend seeking to understand the goals, challenges, frustrations, and motivations of the actual audience–either through connecting with them directly for interviews and through surveys, or by using behavior monitoring software to find points of pain and friction that we can ease through better design.

Back in 2015 I wrote a blog post about how web design is not dead–responding to trendy predictions that "the future" is all about apps. 5 years later, people have still been talking about how mobile apps will overtake websites. In light of recent events and uncertainty, it has become especially clear that websites are–and will continue to be–a major conduit for how people connect with businesses and fulfill their needs. Having a consistent and comprehensive brand identity, and clear communications strategies, are imperative–and the UX design of your website is what ties that all together on the web.

Receiving recognition like this, along with data-driven results of our work, affirms that our approach to UX is effective. The team and I take great pride in this, and it motivates us to push to develop more innovative solutions that further integrate branding, design, and technology to deliver experiences that feel more human.

To check out the list on Agency Spotter, click here.

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