Nationwide Coils

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Nationwide Coils is a leading supplier of commercial and industrial HVAC coil equipment who has experienced significant growth on a yearly basis since their founding in 2007.


Project Brief

Nationwide engaged us to develop strategies to continue that growth, as well as to push for a more modern presence in an industry where products and sales strategies haven’t changed much since mid-1900s. We began our relationship with Nationwide in 2011 and have worked consistently with them since.

Client Review

Kimberly Stephens,
Director of Marketing

"Suits & Sandals is extremely responsive. Anytime we send an email with random questions, they get back to us within a day or two. They're also very organized in setting up their strategies."

The Approach

We evaluated and researched Nationwide Coils, their competitors and buying market - engineers and directors of maintenance for industries such as pharmaceuticals, sports venues, technology, retail, and food processing. Through our research we found that, while a majority of buyers are in the 55+ group and are used to print catalogs and phone calls, inefficiencies in the sales process showed that utilizing digital could provide greater impact.

We focused our efforts on positioning Nationwide Coils as a cutting edge company, using cleanly designed, straight-forward web products to drive digital marketing efforts.

"They're always there to help and will guide you through the entire process."
– Director of Marketing

We then redesigned their website to be highly usable and clean, and established more effective sales funnels through a comprehensive, dynamic online quote system.

To enhance marketing and SEO value, we built standalone product websites, as well as both printed and interactive digital catalogs. We used the catalogs and quote request forms as opportunities to build a robust customer database through contact information requests.

Nationwide’s products could not be photographed at manufacture, and they are too large to ship and set up for studio photography. As a result, we had to think creatively about how we would incorporate product visuals into our marketing efforts. Our solution was to create 3D render models for their products, again differentiating Nationwide Coils from their competitors.

Through our work, Nationwide Coils became one of the first in the industry to offer a responsive mobile experience - incredibly important for industry professionals, as they could now measure equipment specs and submit a quote request in the field. This was a crucial tipping point that resulted in multiple industry players following Nationwide’s lead, establishing them as a trendsetter.