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eCommerce UX Design Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a bustle of activity. Consumers across industries turn to digital solutions to make their purchases. As holiday shoppers rush to purchase items, and B2B organizations strive to solidify lucrative relationships, one question remains. "Are you ready for the rush?"

This post has been revised as of Aug, 12, 2023 to include updated information.

The holiday season is undeniably a hive of activity. As a UX design agency, we often see eCommerce brands looking to make improvements to the user experience of their websites around this time. And while it may seem too close to the season, there's still time to make significant improvements!

Consumers across various sectors are leaning more towards digital solutions for their shopping sprees. Indeed, while physical stores witness a surge in customers, the heart of the holiday season's success lies in the digital realm. Salesforce data suggests that global digital revenue is predicted to grow by 15 percent over 2018 numbers from Thanksgiving to Christmas. As holiday shoppers flock online and B2B organizations aim to establish valuable deals, it poses the crucial query: "Is your eCommerce web design prepared for the rush?"

Let's Talk Mobile Conversion Optimization

One observation that every eCommerce web design enthusiast should note is the shift of holiday purchases from desktops to mobile devices. In 2019, over 50 percent of holiday shoppers spent more than three hours on mobile devices for product research and shopping. Consequently, more than 20 percent of all holiday transactions stem from smartphones. For those gearing up for the festive onslaught, it's imperative to delve into mobile conversion optimization.

Your mobile site, especially if designed by a top-tier UX design agency, should ideally be in its prime form. To truly stand out this season, consider the following:

  1. Integrate interactive images.
  2. Design a mobile-responsive checkout procedure.
  3. Make the search bar a focal point.

Bear in mind, as the festivities roll in, that a staggering 40 percent of online shoppers will deviate to a competitor's site if they confront subpar user experience. By refining your eCommerce web design, assist customers in achieving their objectives seamlessly. Whether it's buying a product or establishing direct contact with your team, unprecedented mobile site optimization is the way forward.

User Experience Relies On Exceptional Customer Support

A telling statistic is the 42 percent spike in help desk tickets during the festive period. A lackluster help desk experience can tarnish your brand's reputation, equatable to a frustratingly canceled Thanksgiving flight leading to endless hours at JFK.

However, following these UX design tips can ensure a stellar user experience:

  1. Understand that a majority prefer self-serve support. Craft an informative FAQ section within your Help Center.
  2. Gear up your support team for the holiday surge in tickets. Consider external support or AI-driven bots to preserve high CSAT scores.
  3. Incorporate a live chat feature, manned by proficient agents, to ensure real-time, satisfactory customer engagement.

Dive Into User Data To Increase Personalization Opportunities

A noteworthy 47 percent of consumers willingly share personal data in exchange for a tailored experience. This holiday season, leverage this data for personalization in your eCommerce web design. The key lies in dynamic content; however, before rolling out such campaigns, it's essential to study customer patterns from the past months.

Consider the demographics and devices used by your customers. Analyze buying trends to craft effective cross-selling strategies. Emphasize reducing page load times by optimizing images and enabling browser caching. And, prioritize your page content to make crucial details instantly accessible.

In essence, if your goal is to accentuate personalization through dynamic content, initiate by analyzing your current user data. This helps tailor campaigns to both regular customers and new festive shoppers.

Stay True To Branding And Your Voice

Inconsistent holiday messages can deter customers. Utilize an AI-driven CRM to maintain your brand voice, be it for content personalization, communications, or handling customer queries. This festive season, partner with a UX design agency that adeptly blends human insights with technology, ensuring genuine engagements during this peak period.